Jade (Pencil) Dog

I’m doing Inktober, though I’m not really following any prompts. Mostly I’m just drawing what I feel like drawing, with varying levels of success. Like piano, I’m not very good at it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself roundly.

I’ve been reading some marvelous threads on pre-conquest Mexica history (a lady on Mastodon; here’s her Patreon) and thinking a lot about how, when you died, you’d have to hope you were kind enough to your dogs because they would guard your spirit in the perilous underworld before you got to final rest.

It made me think of Odd Trundles and how he would look as a carved figurine, so I set out to draw it. It’s piglike, both because of the conventions of blocky carving and because, well, the snort-snuffles were porcine, gods forgive me. I even gave him a tail, since one of the great unfulfilled desires of his life was to have a big tail to knock things over with.

I still miss the little fellow. I even miss his snoring at night. But maybe after I cross into What Comes Next he’ll be there, snortwhistle-snuffling, to guide and protect my ankles once more.