No Nap Required

It’s not even 11am and I need a nap. I’m on my second jolt of coffee and have already spent an hour and a half in the car.

No nap will be taken today. There’s too much to do, between school starting for the Little Prince and the hour spent in the car daily.

It will be nice when I don’t have to commute anymore. Really nice.

I suspect I won’t get a lot of fresh wordcount today, but I have a very small, very slight revision pass on a Certain Book I Can’t Tell You About Yet. Hopefully there will be good news on Incorruptible soon, too–as well as a teaser, as soon as all the preorders are set up.

I do so love giving you guys teasers.

I’m sure there’s a million things more to do, but I think I just want to sit and stare for a moment. Get a good breath or two in me, and maybe even some fleeting Zen. Then I’ll make a list, because it’s a day when nothing on earth will get done if I don’t write it down.

At least the dogs have been walked and the second coffee jolt seems to be doing its duty. No nap required–at least, not for the first few hours. We’ll see what happens when three PM rolls around.

Over and out.