Do a Bask & a Protec

Lord van der Sploot wishes you a happy Friday, resting secure in the knowledge that he can do a bask and a protec at once. This is his favorite perch on a sunny day; he can watch the street while he recharges.

He is a fine figure of a dog, isn’t he? Look at those ears. 15/10, would definitely bring his silly goofball ass home from the shelter again.

1 thought on “Do a Bask & a Protec”

  1. Just finished Steelflower At Sea and cannot express my gratitude for continuing the saga. I know and support your reasons, but I truly missed reading more stories about my favorite elvish sellsword and her new family. Don’t think you fooled me, the rest of the clan will be sneaking up behind her as they, no more than she, cannot abandon their sister.

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