He Fashion

Boxnoggin has fallen in love with this shawl. I am certain the fact that it was drying on a rack downstairs and Smells Like Cat has something to do with it. If you look closely, you can see his tail vibrating as I coo who’s a good boy who looks good? at him.

One of few good things about Americans losing their tiny little minds over nanny dogs is that men have by and large stopped bothering me while I’m out running or walking Boxnoggin. He underscores their caution by yelling at every guy who comes within range, especially those who look like they might want to stop me as I’m running and utter pleasantries about the fucking weather.

Anyway, Boxnoggin is a dopey, happy, goofy ball of adorable, and he has fine taste in shawls, too.

2 thoughts on “He Fashion”

  1. When I had a German Shepherd everyone loved her, huge mistake. She was extremely protective. Got a Doberman and when she was tiny and her ears were taped up all people were afraid of her. I walked a very dangerous neighborhood. Three men were going to drag me into their pickup. I ran to the first house and their door wasn’t locked and in I went. No one EVER bothered me with the Doberman and she was a lover not a fighter.

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