Break to Fight Again

I’m drained today, my friends. The news is so awful, the fight seems so hopeless, nothing seems worth it. Part of the problem is I’ve been on Twitter a lot, and the firehose of bad news takes a toll. And then I feel weak, because I am relatively privileged and so many people are dealing with so much worse than I could ever dream of–and I can dream of a lot, as we well know.

I don’t mind admitting I feel sad, vulnerable, and broken right now. I know there’s no choice but to keep going, if only to make the defeat less severe for those with less advantage than myself. I feel like the job of telling stories is an important one, but I’m not up to the task and just fooling myself thinking I can make any difference at all.

I’m going to keep fighting–accepting defeat is not an option–but I could really use a break.

There are dogs to pet and walk, there are children to raise, there is coffee, and there is work to be done. Today the work might be all about renewing my will to fight, to keep putting one word after another, one foot before another.

I hope you’re doing better, chickadees, and if you’re not, at least we’re in the boat together. I’m holding the line as best I can, and I won’t let go no matter how the rope cuts.

Over and out.

2 thoughts on “Break to Fight Again”

  1. {{{HUGS}}}
    (If you want them, and if they’ll help.)

    I’m doing a bit better than that right now, but I certainly know the feeling. I hope of the relatively-good news today will help, and I fully support taking a break.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something lili (wonderful lili – she of the big heart). But things seem to have turned around to me, with an escalating better future assured.

    There’s a three week break in the shutdown.

    Pelosi is just what’s needed, when we need it. Further, she’s been smart enough to kick AOC upstairs – not once, but twice,

    And AOC, the wo(mb) meme of the moment – Of the people. For the people. Of the people for the people. She continues to delight.

    Her rebuttal of wotsit’s nay (climate change) saying press secretary end’s this particular puerile idiocy for all time. I’m still chortling. And savoring it’s demise (Business Insider – Eliza Reiman – 24 Jan).

    So dry your tears, wonderful lili – the world’s your oyster (and mine) – and the sky’s the limit.

    what a hoot
    from downunder

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