Paradox, Revisions

Already this morning I’ve woven in 400 words, gone through yesterday’s added scene twice to layer in detail, and made a couple global changes. The Maiden’s Blade is growing slowly, tortuously, and now the largest problem is where to salt in the other scenes needed to bring another character’s arc forward here instead of in the second book.

I know what happens, but just when is largely a matter of choice, not chance. A project this large means the paradox of absolute submission to the work and absolute control over its fine points is even more marked, and holding both horses steady instead of letting them careen in different directions to tear the work in half is a matter of balance and one-pointed concentration so fierce it almost robs me of breath.

It doesn’t help that the revisions are late for a number of reasons, not least of which is the complexity of the task. I haven’t attempted anything this complex in one single volume before; even Roadtrip Z is split up over several seasons. (Which reminds me, I have to get the last season’s unedited ebook formatted for my beloved patrons this week, too. Never rains but it pours.)

So it’s Tangerine Dream on the playlist, a gallon of tea, and cross-checking fictional dynasties. All favorite things, and they make a hard task bearable.

See you on the other side, chickadees.