What to Wear

I couldn't figure out what to wear last Saturday, so in time-honored fashion, I spread a bunch of things out on the bed and tried to keep the dogs from rolling in them. After a while, I took the one thing they wanted to roll and dig in the most, and was quite pleased with the result.

Dogs: not only great for depression, but also fabulous for fashion decisions.

4 thoughts on “What to Wear”

  1. I am envying your Loeb collection! Red for Roman, Green for Greek! Looks like a lovely pile o’ Latin!

    • It’s my Pliny. I read him aloud at night, a page at a time. Caesar is my daily reading right now. At least, when I’m not scrambling to get things done.

      I <3 Loebs, and Norton Critical editions. They’re both fab.

  2. Ah. That explains *so much* about my fashion choices, and why I’m doing them wrong. No dogs, you see. And when I lay things out in front of the one elderly cat, he either yawns – or he pees on the one thing he likes, immediately rendering it unwearable.

    So… basic black it is, then.

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