Rain, Again

I had set aside today to do a big writing post, but after about six minutes of sitting and staring blankly at the screen, I decided to hell with it. It’s not that I can’t think of a subject–there’s a million of them–it’s that I just plain don’t have the spoons.

So today will be for a nice easy but long-ish run with Sir Boxnoggin, figuring out what to make for dinner, and getting into revisions on Atlanta Bound. We’re getting near the end of Roadtrip Z, and the next serial will be HOOD instead of Tower of Yden. Mostly because the latter requires a whole bunch of research I’m not going to get to for a wee bit, what with the second pass of revisions on Maiden’s Blade arriving in my inbox as well as two short-story solicitations. Add to that the revisions and formatting for the Roadtrip Z box set, the preliminary setup and thinking about the Dolls book, and zeros of both HOOD #1 and Tower of Yden

Jeez. I’m tired just looking at all that. It’s a good thing I have a habit of doing lists, or I’d be floundering.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m already floundering. You’d think that breaking each book I’ve ever published down into manageable chunks would comfort me now, but each damn time a spate of work arrives I have a couple days of flailing and thinking oh dear gods I will never be able to finish all this, I’ll lose all this work and the sun will go out and we’ll all staaaaarve.

It’s not very pleasant, but at least I know it’s part of the process. So to speak.

Yesterday was a bit awful, but the panacea for my dread and despair is work. So I’m going to throw myself into it, biting off small chunks and chewing them until the flavor’s gone.

It helps that the rain has returned. Maybe yesterday’s flailing had to do, in some small part, with the sudden huge shift in barometric pressure as the weather moved in. I’m most productive during the rainy times, but each time the shift happens, I’m left clutching my head and feeling despair. Which isn’t helped by current events.

Anyway, time to prep for a run and get the day’s work straight in my head so when I come back I can start nibbling and chewing. The little mouse will eat the candy house, one bite at a time.

Here’s hoping your Thursday goes smoothly, my friends, and that I don’t drown under an avalanche of words…