Scene of the Crime


So yesterday while I was blogging the dogs took it upon themselves to show this rabbit–and its belly-squeaker–who was boss. They worked together in true pack fashion and stuffing-guts were strewn in multiple locations. Forensics would have a hell of a time piecing it together, but we think the attack started in the living room, moved to my bedroom, and finished in the office, where you see the corpse’s final positioning here along with some splatter.

We still haven’t found the squeaker. And neither dog shows any evidence of contrition. In fact, this morning they’ve moved on to a tiny stuffed bear…

3 thoughts on “Scene of the Crime”

  1. Were I a dog, I’ve no doubt that I would find such an activity highly therapeutic. (Now that I think about it, I used to work out my frustrations by setting up old milk cartons full of water and cutting them in half in the back yard, which is probably a pretty similar dynamic.)

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