The season has turned; it’s much cooler at night now and the crickets, cicadas, and frogs are taking notice. There’s a frenzy of insects eating and mating before it gets even colder, and the spiders are well placed to take advantage. A spiderweb is math and engineering made flesh, and it delights me. (Though I really hate math, and have since myself second-grade teacher used to shake kids who got the wrong answer.)

Between the two pillars of birth and death, we weave. Fall is a time to remember that, and look up from our work before winter’s long nights arrive.

1 thought on “Bridging”

  1. Fall is definetely my favorite season. Down here in Brazil, we still got heat waves and all during Fall, but not the crazy temperatures we got in the Winter – cold mornings, freezing nights but hellish sun-frying afternoons. Hope it comes to be a great Fall and coming Winter for you; here we are facing a hot, fascist-scented Spring with our upcoming elections. I hope we all thrive these forthcoming dark nights – the political and real ones.

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