The Princess: “Is that the Olsen Twins?”
Me: “I’m not sure…no, the tail isn’t skinny enough.”
Squirrel: *back foot slips*
The Princess: *gasps*
Me: “Oh dear…well, we know it’s a she…”
Squirrel: *slips, falls…does backflip and lands perfectly, twitches tail*
The Princess: *in awe* “It’s Batgirl.”

So now we have a boy squirrel we’ve named the Olsen Twins1 and a girl squirrel acrobat we’ve named Batgirl2. Olsen Twins has been coming back for a week to figure out how to get into the birdfeeders, but it took Batgirl to solve the quandary.

Never a dull moment around here, folks. Never.

  1. …a long involved joke involving another joke saying that there’s only one Olsen Twin and she vibrates back and forth so quickly we think there’s two, and then…oh, for God’s sake, I can’t explain.
  2. I held out for “Batsquirrel” but I don’t think it’s going to take off.