Happy Yule

Happy Yule, everyone! The house is quiet, since the dogs have plundered their puzzle feeders and are now exhausted by such demanding mental work. Miss B’s in for a run with me as soon as I finish this post, though, which means she’ll be doubly tired.

This morning there was freezing fog, it’s bound to be slick out there. The longest night of the year is approaching. I used to hold vigil all night to greet the rebirth of the sun, but these days I’m too old and the candles on the hearth will do it for me. When the Princess comes home from work we’ll probably put the tree up, and the holiday baking will continue. Yesterday the Princess made this cake, and we were all in a sugar coma after dinner. The crackle-bits themselves stick to one’s teeth in a most fetching manner.

That’s about it for the holiday, I think. We’re very quiet, and it’s almost time for me to take a break from blogging until January. I’ve produced a lot of work this past year, and it irks me to think of how many more stories I could have told if the world wasn’t such a trashfire right now. I suppose I’m addicted to hope, I cannot stop practicing it even in the face of this overwhelming evidence.

Anyway, it’s time to get out the door. May your solstice be happy, healthy, and full of all good things. May the sun return.