Rain, Dogs, Run

Rain! We only had misting and a damp-down yesterday, but I woke up this morning to tapping fingers on the roof, tree branches weighed down with welcome water…and dogs unwilling to go down the deck stairs because they’re forgotten what that water falling from the sky is. Odd Trundles, simpleton that he is, finally bowed to the inevitable pressure in his bladder, but Miss B had thoughts of finding a drier and more congenial spot to unload.

Like, inside.

I put a quick stop to that and almost had to chase her down the damn steps. She finally bowed to the inevitable, but not before giving me a filthy look. She still hasn’t completely forgiven me, but there’s a 5km run in her immediate future, so that will go a considerable way toward ameliorating her fury. (Read: She’ll smell so many interesting things she won’t even remember I made her pee outside in the RAIN.)

You guys are aching to hear about the tiny plastic crossbow, I’M SURE, but that story’s going to have to wait until Friday. (I know, I’m evil.) The squirrels were in a frenzy to bury all sorts of things last week; they could probably sense the rain coming. So, being distracted, they didn’t care so much about the dogs being in the yard. I think they’ve figured out Trundles won’t ever catch one, and if they come out in pairs Miss B wants to herd them instead of catching them. *eyeroll* Suffice to say there have been Hijinks, but I don’t know how many times I can retell “Miss B almost, ALMOST caught the squirrel” before you lot get bored. So I’m going to ration the stories, and only bring you the best ones.

Not that the wielder of the plastic crossbow is a squirrel. Oh no. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it. Besides, if those arboreal fuckers figured out projectile weapons (other than pinecones) I’m afraid humanity’s place on the food chain would slip a bit.

ANYWAY. I have practiced my French and my Korean this morning–Duolingo finally has a Korean program, and the Drops app is pretty spiffy for learning Hangul and basics–and absorbed some caffeine, so it’s time to get out and run in the rain. At least I’ll be able to breathe, without both snot and sputum being full of smoke particles. (I’ll spare you the description of just what color one’s snot is after breathing forest fire ash for a while. You’re welcome.)

They’re even saying there might be thunderstorms later. Which delights me, but will not delight Miss B at all. Fortunately she can hide under my desk, and probably will. The only drawback to that is her possible state of dampness after we get out for a quick 5km.

But oh well, if it makes her feel better, wet shins are a small price to pay.

Over and out.