Somewhat Vacation

A 5km tempo run (avec bonus agility training), a tepid shower (I’m trying out cold showers, don’t ask), and that first taste of caffeine for the day (harsh black tea with just a little heavy cream).

Ahhh. That’s better.

I’ve decided August is the month I finish the zero of Roadtrip Z, and is ALSO the month I prep Season 1 (Cotton Crossing) of that beast for release. Patreon subscribers, of course, have already read it, and will get the ebook (and later season ebooks) for free.

It’s looking like there’ll be four seasons in all, and I’m having a ton of fun writing it almost like a television show, hitting the character beats and also finding out more about Ginny, Lee, and the crew. I think I know who survives, but that can always change. And Traveller the Bluetick Hound, despite not being in the original plans, is turning out to be quite a character.

…this is somewhat my idea of a vacation, since my release calendar for the rest of the year is full and there are projects I don’t quite want to start yet. Brain, body, and soul, all need a bit of rest before I go back to the frantic forge of creation. Come September, there will be school and other things, and that’s soon enough for me to get my shoulder back to the grindstone. And yes, this “vacation” means ten-hour days of writing, revising, proofing, and whatnot. You know me. That’s my idea of fun anyway.

I suspect I’m gonna need more caffeine for this…