Exhaust the Brain

Well, I’m awake. Poking around with Hangul practice, since I think I’d like to learn a little Korean. It feels like cheating to do French and Spanish with Latin, and how cool would it be to be able to maybe-piece together lyrics from K-pop and the occasional word in K-dramas? PRETTY DAMN COOL, I’m thinking.

Mind you, I am not going to ever claim any kind of fluency, but picking out the occasional word is going to be ultra-satisfying.

The yoga-in-the-morning experiment proceeds apace, too. The old, paid Gaiam app I was using for a quick 15-min session suddenly updated and turned into a subscription-based piece of shite, so I switched to Down Dog. It really annoyed me that an app I’d paid for suddenly bait-and-switched like that, and there goes all my records of the practices I’ve done so far. Ah well, life is change, right? And I think the Down Dog app might be better for me overall. (The music’s definitely nicer.)

All of this, including piano, is to keep my brain from eating itself. Plus, I have a horror of losing mental acuity. I spent so long thinking the only thing I had to recommend myself was a reasonably agile brain, the prospect of losing grey matter gives me the chills. I also think people calcify as they get older if they don’t purposely seek out new experiences and things to love, and I’d like to put off that sclerosis as long as possible. Since I never thought I’d survive much past my early thirties (it is still a daily surprise to me that I have) I’ve started planning for the type of old Amazon I want to be.

So today is for a run, with new socks. (Well, I’ve had them for a while, but my old socks have been worn clear through.) We’ll see if they can handle the strain. Then it’s settling in to explore more of DEADROAD, which is the sequel to AFTERWAR, which is currently with the editor. (Who is on vacation, argh.) There are other projects, including more Roadtrip Z (they finally got out of the county! After almost 100K words!) and a Sooper Sekrit Projekt I want to get damn well finished, and the epic fantasy I’m writing just as an exercise and a gift for a favorite editor. Then there’s the second Angelov Wolves book, tentatively titled Dog Days. I have the sequel to The MarkedOracle–boiling in the back of my head, too. Preston Marlock really isn’t a very nice guy, and Jude is beginning to understand that about him. And poor, poor Aggie.

Anyway, there’s my day. But first, Caesar is being an asshole to Dumnorix, who has several very good points about the Gauls preferring overlords from among their own cultural set instead of Romans. I get that things aren’t going to turn out well for Dumnorix, and Orgetorix’s daughter seems to have disappeared. *eyeroll* If Caesar were not already long dead, one might want to slap him. I’m sure Cleopatra longed to every once in a while.

Over and out.