Against the Tide

I had a post planned about gender roles, spurred by Cormorant’s release, but I sat here staring at the screen for a little bit and thought, do I really want the concomitant internet kerfuffle today? I mean, there may be no kerfuffle at all, but I just don’t have the energy this close to a release day. I’d rather wait until I have some spoons to deal with potential mansplaining.

That’s a common hidden cost to being female. It makes me wonder how many great things we’d have if women didn’t have to swim against that tide every. damn. day.

Anyway, there’s a weather warning out today, for wind and rain. Just in time for me to go running with B. I lowered my bicycle seat and did 13ish kilometers yesterday, and my knees are protesting a little, but not badly. Fortunately today’s run is short, with walk breaks. Since B is getting older, she appreciates the walking part more and more.

It’s strange to watch her get frustrated. In her head, she’s still a puppy, with a puppy’s boundless enthusiasm and bendy bones. Odd Trundles thinks he is, too, and is constantly surprised that he can’t fit through puppy-sized holes in things. He is so muscle-bound and heavy he just tries to power through, which means he gets stuck a lot. B just overtaxes herself, then gives me an agonized look as if to say, “MOTHER. WHAT IS THIS AGING CRAP? I NEED TO RUN.”

Poor girl. I hear that.

I’m pretty sure the weather will hit when we’re in the middle of our jaunt, and we’ll come home soaked. Might as well just accept it. At least it’ll be warm-ish rain. B’s fur will puff up, so she’ll look like one of those soot-balls in Spirited Away. With four little legs scrabbling madly underneath.

I can hear Odd snoring in my bedroom down the hall. Now it’s time for some Latin, and some hangul practice. And, once the coffee settles in, an easy run. Then it’s wordcount, since the release day nerves have settled somewhat.

Over and out.