Good Morning Monday

It’s Monday. *blinks, blearily* Yesterday significant wordcount on Roadtrip Z fell out of my head, and I got the week’s Patreon offerings prepped and scheduled. So there was that, even if some of the housework didn’t get done. (Hint: I didn’t hoover. I somewhat hate hoovering. I may also have skipped cleaning the espresso machine, which I do not hate but which can be done today.)

So this week is for Afterwar revisions and prepping Love, Bite for release. It will be out earlier than the end of next month, I just put that date on it to give me time to get all ducks in a row. I should do some blurbage for it, too. I might as well, though I intended not to go back to it until the 10th. Needs must when the devil drives, et cetera, et cetera.

I’m not feeling like I’m quite ready to go back to Afterwar. It’s the biggest book I’ve attempted so far, and it makes me cry more than I want to admit. Parts of it hurt to write. Not just the usual “oh, this is awful” or “God, these poor people” but actual physical pain. I’m hoping that translates out into truth-on-the-page, and isn’t just my brain playing chemical imbalance tricks on me. I’ll attempt to get myself into a revision mainframe today, and we’ll see what happens.

…I had plenty of other things to put in this post, but I just spent a few minutes sitting and staring while everything I have to do today whirled inside my head like a badly unbalanced washing machine. Time to Make A List, or nothing will get done.

Over and out.