Five Bucks of GREATNESS

We must snootboop every book.

So last Friday Mel Sterling reminded me about a book sale I’d tentatively said might be interesting. She was already on her way, and I’d just gotten home from an emergency trip to see a store about a hoodie. (Don’t ask.) I was THISCLOSE to not going, but I figured, well, anytime I see my writing partner is a good time. So I buckled into the car and went.

And OH MY WORD IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN. $5 for a BOX full of research goodness!

mmmmm crunchy.

Seriously. I couldn’t have found more weird niche stuff for my interests if I’d tried.

And to think I almost didn’t go. Let that be a lesson to me. The answer to a book sale is always, always yes.

4 thoughts on “Five Bucks of GREATNESS”

  1. Nice.
    I’d be jealous, but tomorrow is the start of the Christian Aid booksales in three churches in Edinburgh. Last few years I’ve bought 60 or more books there.

    A bit of variety there, have you read much about the Eastern front before?

      • OKay, that’s a bit worrying. I mean I deliberately didn’t read much about it since school because I knew it was a really really horrible time and place, until a few years ago I felt strong enough.

  2. the Bonaparte book looks tasty and I have fondled the Judea Weeping book a few times, its very tempting..

    Mel is an enabler… grin.

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