Detritus fascinates me. I can’t see a forgotten or rubbished object without wondering how it ended up in precisely that place. I make up stories about them, about the people or events that carried bits of things elsewhere.

On a ramble with B, I came across this bright yellow lid, in a forlorn just-past-the-sidewalk space right on a property line. I wondered if it belonged to either neighbor, if it was part of a feud between them, if it had simply been flung from a passing car. It looked deliberately placed, but I couldn’t swear to it.

Of course, while I was standing thinking about this, Miss B was pulling at the leash, determined to get to a lovely smell juuuust out of reach.

So, my gentle Readers. What story do you see?

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imprompt game of frisbee…

Michael Mock
I’ll just drop it here, pulsed Heerath, setting the scanner between a rock and one of the oddly-tall local plants, by the side of one of the human roads. What? Nebath pulsed back. Don’t do that. It’s right out in the open. That’s why we shaped it, remember? Heerath felt its antennae flex with annoyance. It looks just like one of their artifacts. Do you even know what kind of artifact it resembles? Nebath had turned, creating a faint shimmer in the air despite the best efforts of its active camouflage. One of the humans was approaching rapidly, accompanied by… Read more »