Ostara, Again

Due to reader demand, the Keeper books are back in print! I still get people asking me when Avatar will be finished; each time I have to say “when I can devote some writing time to it.” Paid projects come first, because Mama’s got a mortgage. I may bring out a few novellas as Anna Beguine, too, just to keep them separated from the rest of my work and to gauge the interest.

I hope your Ostara was full of good food and fun things. Mine was quietly spent catching up on housework I’d neglected while prepping the Beguine books for re-release and finishing a preliminary draft. Plus, I moved a butterfly bush. The last was not good for my back, but the shovelgloving and pushups have helped. Core strength FTW.

So today is all about taking a look at the four projects I have on the burners, deciding what to focus on for the next couple weeks before May hits and it’s Afterwar revision time. That book’s going to tear out my guts again, I’m sure, just in time for Cormorant Run to hit and the release-day nerves to fill me with nausea and the longing to crawl into a hole.

I finally feel like I’m firing on all cylinders, after the massive brain-scraping effort of finishing the Afterwar zero. Different books are difficult in different ways, but that one was a whole new ball of wax. I suppose it means I’m growing, attempting larger projects and telling more complex stories. Which is very good, it’s the whole point…and yet, sometimes the headache gets intense.

The clouds are thickening, spring rain approaches, and on my way out for a run I should hum to the butterfly bush and see it’s tucked in securely. Miss B is beside herself at the thought of six fast kilometers, and Odd Trundles has climbed among my pillows. I can hear him snoring from here.

And, if I get wordcount in, I will leave the house in search of Cadbury creme eggs on clearance. That will be a nice reward.

Over and out.