Run, Write, Knit

Rain, and rain, and more rain. With a side of rain, and rain sauce, and a dessert of rain, too.

I love it.

I’m at my most productive when there’s water falling from the sky. I’ve often said that the PNW specializes in caffeine, writers, and serial killers for one reason: the weather.

I’m playing with knitting a new shawl. It’s the same as the stripey-patterned one, only in Fishermen’s Wool; instead of the stripes being dyed into the fiber I’m doing blocks of garter and stockingette. I wanted wool, and texture, and lots of warmth. Probably, by the time I finish this beast, the weather will have warmed to the point I won’t need it. It’s meditative work, though, and I think it’s hauled me through a couple plot tangles. As a perseveration or a coping mechanism, it’s pretty good. I do need to stretch out my hands a lot more, though, and take care of my wrists.

Getting older sucks.

On the bright side, soon I’ll take Miss B out and run in the rain. I didn’t take her on my long run a couple days ago, and her fidgets are almost as bad as mine on days when I can’t get in as much writing as I want. (In short, just about unbearable.) On the bright side, the entire afternoon will be forging ahead on Afterwar, and if all goes well, I may even have an ugly, lumpy zero draft soon.

Won’t that be a relief. I know I’ll probably start crying as soon as I type finis.

Then the Veil Knights book will need detailed attention, and Roadtrip Z will need to get into the hills and several planned characters introduce. Poor Lee, he’s all mixed up, just when he most needs to be cool-headed. And Ginny is beginning to show her true grit; it’s about time, but she’s still at heart a very compassionate person. That’s a handicap in the types of situations she’s going to find herself in.

So I have my work cut out for me. Running. Stretching. Writing. Knitting another row on this shawl, which won’t end anytime soon because I want it larger than the others. I have one-and-half more skeins to go, and Imma use them all. Then, if I feel like it, I’ll do up the Menstrual Fury hats. I have three skeins of red just waaaaaiting, and the leftovers will probably make a fourth for some lucky person.

…yeah, I never do things by halves. It’s full speed ahead, or dead stop. I much prefer the former.

Over and out.