Give the Bitch a Good Show

Using the phone generally makes me so anxious I shake. I’m now using 5Calls, though, because daily superhero work doesn’t have to fray me at the edges so badly. So, if you have phone anxiety, like me, and also want to make a difference–again, like me!–I recommend checking it out.

The weekend was all about proof pages for Cormorant Run, hauling compost to all the garden boxes (shovelgloving saved my back, I’ll just say that much) and washing Odd Trundles since it wasn’t cold enough outside to justify letting him marinate longer.

Oh, yeah, and watching the attempted coup and concomitant constitutional crisis. We are living in interesting times, indeed. A rug-headed pig-eyed Cheeto with a Russian dictator’s hand up his rump–and a Nazi on record as wanting to destroy America running his National Security Council–is already killing people. It’s only going to accelerate from here, my friends.

I am clinging to hope by finger-and toenails. We outnumber the fascists by an order or two of magnitude. History’s gaze is upon us, and I intend to give the bitch a good show. It’s kind of funny to realize that every book I’ve ever written has been training for fighting evil, training for radical empathy, training for putting my head down and doing the goddamn work to make things better, to create a world. Often, looking at the news, I feel helpless, but then someone writes to tell me I’ve given them hope and my heart turns into a flower. Or someone writes to tell me they’re never buying my books again because of my politics, and I think, well, if you have problems with me calling a fascist a fucking fascist, I’m glad your grubby little authoritarian fingers won’t sully pages I’ve slaved over and bled for, fuckyouverymuch and goodnight.

There’s a lot of the latter going on.

So this week it’s back to the grindstone, making my calls every day, and if I get a certain number of wordage in, hitting up a yarn store. I feel the need for a pussy hat. And knitting might help keep me from imploding in a black hole of despair, too.

Use what you have, I guess. Here’s your regular daily reminder that this shit is not normal, your feelings are valid, and together we are stronger than any tiny-handed dictator.

Over and out.

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Tess Lecuyer

I have been making pussyhats (including one I am making for a chicken of a friend) so if the knitting gets interrupted and you really want a pussyhat, I would be delighted to send you one.
Let me know. I would be honored to supply such a badass hopemaker!

Your stories help. They really do.

Who controls the story, wins.


I am not a knitter but I sure as hell can use the phone! Passed on the information about 5calls to friends and family. Anyone willing to make me a pussyhat, let me know the cost and I will be more than willing to send money and my shipping information 😀

Maicon “Vollzin” Milanezi
I’m really uncomfortable of witnessing what’s happening with your country. We Brazilians passed our personal democratic crisis and I wasn’t ready to see that the country I was imperialistic teach to look for is somehow no better model to look after right now. Brazil is getting no better after all that happened in 2016 – we’re living our post apocalyptic kind of news – but people are still fighting, pressing lawmakers and representatives that even our coupist-president backed down on some measures. So I still have hope in our world. I got emotional when I’ve seen those USian lawyers waiting… Read more »

you are one of the strongest people I know, and you have the courage to stand up to bullies.

Cheryl Byers

Thanks for the tip on 5calls. I’ve been trying to think of a way to help. I’m a homebody. So this is a great way to have my voice heard. Don’t let the asshats get to you.

Amberle Foster

Reading the news lately just makes me sad about the state of America. And honestly, the way things are going scares me. Not for myself, but for my sister, who is only eleven and will grow up with whatever decisions the rug-wearing Cheeto decrees. This is just the start and I hope that we, as a people, won’t stand for this long.