Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! I am celebrating by getting out and running again, since there are not huge…tracts of ice covering everything in sight. Miss B is extremely grateful for this. Partly because we haven’t run in a week and a half (due to illness and said icy wonderland) and partly because the decorating for the holiday is CHANGE, and while her tolerance for CHANGE is much larger than Odd Trundles’s, it was still overwhelmed by the DECORATING and the COOKING and the LATE MORNINGS and on and on. You get the idea.

Odd Trundles did not try to eat any ornaments this year, nor did he chew any stockings. Those tasks were left to Madame A, spending her first Yule with us by batting ornaments off the tree and all over the living room. I believe she got a little too into the spirit of decorating, but her enthusiasm has so far only led to merriment and not shattered glass underfoot, so all is well. She is growing braver by the day, coming upstairs to touch noses with Miss B regularly, but her tolerance of Odd’s large, noisy, schnorgling self is still…very low. As in, almost nonexistent. However, I have hope that she will soon grasp that the way to deal with him is with one swift retributive strike, which will teach him respect of her person and afterwards they may be the best of friends, for he is large and friendly and very warm to snuggle with.

There is other news. Fred and George have moved inside, along with Poor Batman and his Nurse Wendy Poppins. There was a…well, their apartment…uh, it’s complicated. Be sure to check back in the New Year, because I don’t think I can adequately explain without a little distance from the, erm, events. (I’ll give you hints: they involve a crossbow, Miranda losing her temper, Poor Batman screaming “BAAAAAAANE!” and a quite unsolicited offer of aid.)

Also coming in the New Year is a brand new serial for my Patreon peeps! I am changing my Patreon to a monthly subscription, and to make it worth your cash will be bringing out a chapter a week of a all-new book.

So I’m going to take the week off blogging until said New Year. 2016 has been a dumpster fire, but I am hoping it has seen the birth of new heroes too. I’ll be around intermittently on other social media, but I think we could all use a break. When I come back, I’ll tell you about Fred and George, and the Flat of Doom…