Be Like Odd Trundles


Odd Trundles knows it’s been a long week. He knows Mum is upset, and when Mum is upset, the best thing to do is put his face on her ankles at every opportunity. He wants to reassure Mum that he loves her, and that he stands ready to schnorgle.

This is a hard job.

Trundles also knows that in order to do his best schnorgling and comforting, he’s got to take care of himself. Proper hydration is key, as is remembering to eat. And, of course, taking steps to ensure he’s rested enough to schnorgle his heart out, day after day.

Things are rough right now. They will probably get rougher. Trundles would like to remind you to take care of yourself, so you can take care of others more effectively.

Be like Odd Trundles. Take care of yourself right now. Even something as simple as looking at this picture and taking a few deep breaths can help. Let the power of his napping soothe your weary nerves and give you strength.

Trundles is here for you. So am I.