It Isn’t Glamorous

Well, I’ve filled out availability forms for the local ACLU and the local food bank. Maybe they can share me? I need to budget my time and energy carefully for the long haul.

Today is for yet more stabbing on Harmony. Normally at this point I am racing breakneck for the end of a book, but this one is dragging and has become even more of an endurance contest. I’m not quitting, but my God, I’m tired of this goddamn book. It’s a good thing it’s just a gift, not for publication, because if I had to go through edits I think I might well set my desktop on fire and dance around it screeching.

Now there’s a mental image.

So today is for putting my head down and working through. One step at a time isn’t glamorous or adrenaline-junkie fun. It is, however, how the majority of progress gets made. If parenthood hadn’t taught me that, writing would.

Be kind to yourselves today, my dears, so you have the energy to be superhero-awesome. Take those little tiny steps. Don’t be discouraged by how small they are. They’re forward, and that’s what counts.

And now, I’m going to vanish into the wordmines…