Sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out.
Sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out.

As Miss B gets older, she sleeps on her back more. The funniest thing is when she snores–she rarely does so, it’s mostly Odd Trundles’s bailiwick–so loudly she wakes herself up and lunges into consciousness with a scrabble and a bark, ready to do battle. This, of course, wakes Odd Trundles, and since she is All Riled Up he, of course, must become Riled Up as well. There’s generally about five solid minutes of snapping and snarling, neither of them quite sure what’s happening but determined to make a good showing.

Once I can peel myself off the ceiling–because this is all loud, and sudden, and usually happens when I’m in the middle of an emotionally charged scene–I find it amusing. I could get all my cardio just being interrupted by the damn dogs.

I hope your Friday is as comfortable and relaxed as this. Without, of course, the sudden snore-induced explosions.

Unless you like that sort of thing.