Potential Bike Day

shehulkicon Yesterday’s run went well, despite the fact that Miss B bludgeoned me with the puppy eyes and ended up being taken along. The only bad part is that I need a day off now for my knee to fully recover, and I can already feel the itching under my skin that says haven’t run enough, get out and sweat, come on. I’m even contemplating buying a brainbucket and taking up bicycle riding again, on the principle that it’s activity of a sort and may help get rid of the fidgets if I have to rest the knee for any unreasonable period of time.

I am hoping beyond hope that I can find a brainbucket with a little beanie propellor on top. The idea delights me on some deep, uncritical, childish level I am more than happy to sink to in exchange for some joy.

It just hit me that I have two weeks to turn revisions for The Marked in, too. I need to find a way of bringing one small plot arc to a close, and that will help. As it is, the book is structurally very tight, and it ends in a different place than one would expect. *is thoughtful* The problem with regarding stories as tapestries is that when you move one hidden hook underneath, the rest of the fabric deforms in ways you then have to fix or contour around. Plus, the climax needs work, and that changes the fall of the cloth as well.

But first, I have a hot date with my children, for the purposes of bike-buying. They’re extremely excited at the prospect of better bicycles, since both of theirs are now (gasp!) too small for them. Good Lord, kids just keep growing. It can’t be stopped, but at least they both still like hugs from Mum.

Over and out…