Lammas, At Speed

gambit2 WELL HELLO EVERYONE. Was your weekend good? Mine involved Miss B taking out my left knee on my way up the stairs after a hard morning’s run, enough laundry to fill my bedroom, and assorted chores that made sure I now need a few days to recover from the damn weekend.

But it’s Lammas, and I have work to do. Including getting more kibble for the canines, so they don’t get any ideas about the meat I’m made of. I know they would refrain from eating me until I started to stink, but the cats wouldn’t even wait for me to stop breathing to eat my face.

Yeah. These are the things I think about. So it’s probably for the best I go gather something tasty to fill their bowls.

I did take Miss B running this morning, too. I used speed to distract her, because if she’s keeping up she doesn’t agility-test me nearly as much. Consequently my knee is twinging, and I am not looking forward to schlepping gigantic bags of kibble around. I never ask the people at the pet store to carry things out for me, but I just might today.

Other than that, there’s The Marked revisions to do, and serious thinking about my next project, and a couple of short stories to polish before I send them out. I suppose I’ll have to move so fast the rest of the day can’t throw pain at me disguised as training, right? Right?

*cracks knuckles* May your Lammas be happy, and may you out-think any ghosts trying to trick you.