Still Kicking

guc4 I’m still alive, I swear! This is totally not a ghost playing with electronics to send a message from beyond the grave. Totally not.

Okay, so I might just be a little tired. Cormorant Run revisions are finished and sent off. I’m bracing myself for another round, and also for a bit of trouble getting my brain to SLOW DOWN DAMMIT YOU DON’T NEED TO GO THAT FAST ALL THE DAMN TIME. No, my brain never listens. I have to wear it out before I can get any sleep, just like a dog. A meth-crazed, needy dog who will scratch at the window and howl if you take your attention away for more than two minutes.

The good news is that the Princess returned from her multiple-week trip to Germany! The group had a layover in Iceland, and got to visit hot springs there. (Apparently the water looked like bluish milk and smelled like sulfur.) She credits that stop with staving off the usual Plane-Trip Crud, and arrived home tired but full of happy stories. A big shout-out to Frau L and her family, the Bs, for being such kind hosts, and another shout-out to our friend Frau AMB (you know who you are!) for being willing and able even in the midst of Big Life Changes.

There were church bells and statues and gardens and schlosses–schlossen? Is that the plural? (ETA: I am told it is “Schlosser, with an umlaut.” Thanks!) ANYWAY, lots of fun things, lots of pictures, and my God but I am so glad to have her home. This is by far the longest she’s been gone, and it about wore my nerves down to nubs. She was fine, I was a wreck. But now she’s home, home, home, and I can hug her and see her smiling face.

I can also do some filing and administrative work in my office, since revisions have eaten my head to the point that I have a towering stack of paperwork to figure out. I’m going to play the “shred, burn, or eat?” game with some of it, I can already tell. But that’s for the afternoon. Right now there’s the cavy cage to clean, prep work for dinner…and trying to get the meat inside my skull to stop chewing itself. Letting the flywheel slow down a bit so I don’t wear everything out. I often wonder what and who I would be without writing to keep the hamsters in my head occupied. I suspect there would be a lot of jittering and hair loss. Not to mention semi-tamed squirrels…

Over and out.