Juno, Grant Me Coffee

Dear Zeus, Hera’s home, and she will find out ALL YOUR SECRETS.

Personally, I’ve thought all the Zeus and Jupiter stories were comprised of misogyny and a record of a patriarchal war taking over various goddess shrines. It pleases me to see the classical world in today’s world, but it also irritates me because the misogyny hasn’t gone away, though we’ve fought it tooth and nail. Chop off its head, another one grows.

I could also be slightly cranky this morning because there was little to no sleep last night. If it wasn’t the random bursts of fireworks after 1am (seriously, people, REALLY?) it was the Mad Tortie trying to sleep on my head or demanding pets from whatever hand was uncovered, then yowling at the bedroom door to be let out. She normally sleeps in the Princess’s room, but the Princess is not home and there were big noises. The Tortie found this UNACCEPTABLE. Of course, once I let her out into the hall and settled back into bed, she began rattling my door from the other side, because clearly no closed door can be left unmolested. When I have the porch door open, she settles across the threshold, in true cat fashion, and would no doubt be pleased to do so in the doorway to my room, if I’d let her.

The dogs? Oh, they were fine. Miss B has a two-stage deal: first, anti-anxiety pill, then sedative, both liberally smeared with peanut butter. She slept all damn night, and is full of FUN and EXCITEMENT and LET’S DO THINGS, MUM today. Odd, once he was in his crate, could not have cared less what was happening outside, and snored from both ends all night. (Yes, I gave both canines half a chopped-up hot dog yesterday. I paid for that sin, and am still paying.) Fragrant and unconcerned, both dogs got their full complement of beauty rest.

On the bright side, both dogs went outside this morning without fear, and I have coffee. The former means there will be no fear-spurred accidents requiring carpet cleanup, and the latter is the bare minimum for functioning with anything like normal capacity today. I ache all over and just want to go back to bed, but there’s revisions to be done and sneak peeks to send out. Not to mention the dishwasher to unload and laundry to unfold…

Well, maybe not the last bit. I’ve nearly nodded off twice while writing this.

It’s gonna be a long day.