That Simple

The Little Prince just came home from a friend’s house.

ME: Oh, hi. How was it?
MY SON: It was okay. They didn’t have a pump for the soccer ball, but I hung out to talk with X and Y.
ME: *trying to place the name with a face* Y…is that the girl who was here the other day?

I think I remember her. Tall, coltish, shy, hair over the face.

MY SON: Transgender. So…yeah. It? *glances at me for confirmation*
ME: Well, do they identify as a girl now?
MY SON: Yeah, male to female. So, a girl.
ME: Okay, so then she.
MY SON: Okay. We hung out. They might be over later. *goes to unload the dishwasher, since it’s finished*

I stood there, a great swell of pride and love breaking inside my chest.

Okay, so then she. To him, it’s just that simple.

This is how our children teach us; this is how they crack us open. This is how they give us hope for a better world.