Fine, Really.

First up, the obligatory shilling: there are new perks for the MARKED Indiegogo campaign, and the first sneak peek for June is up at my Patreon. Also, if you like what I do, you can buy me a coffee. Oh, and Cloud Watcher, book four of the Watchers series, is $.99 on Kindle right now.

It’s tremendously uncomfortable to be highlighting all of those things at once. I try to stay away from marketing and self-promotion as much as possible, being allergic to the whole thing and wary of saturating the airwaves with a whole bunch of “OH HEY BUY MY SHIT.” But really, one has to do a little of that in this job. (Well, one has to do a LOT, but I keep trying to get away with the minimum.)

ANYWAY. Hello, dear Reader. How are you? I’m…fine. Really. Really I am.

The bellows clamp holding the seal on the front door of the washer failed last night. Today I have to find a new one, because if there is one appliance that sees daily use around here, it’s the dishwasher BUT the washer is a close, close second. Plus there’s water all over the utility room floor, and publishers aren’t paying me.


That’s pretty much where I am. Fortunately, there’s the zombie apocalypse book and the alt-history series to keep me occupied, as well as revisions on Cormorant. I know the publisher isn’t in love with the title for the last, but I may dig my heels in a little, because it’s the right one. That book tore itself out of me so quickly I’m still feeling the twinges, the scar tissue is still delicate enough to tear again if I really force it. Maybe that’s why everything in me is resisting and the zombie apocalypse story is pouring out instead.

So today I find out who in town has a bellows clamp so I can repair the goddamn washer, I write the slow realization in a conference room that everything is fucked and the zombies are coming, and I snuggle my dogs and my kids as much as I can because the news is still dreadful.

It’s gonna be a long day.