All the Things

images Today I mean to do ALL THE THINGS. Including paint the new scrapes on my fists with liquid bandage. (Hello, acetone burn!)

No, I have not been training my kung-fu against a sandpaper post. I’ve just been clumsy lately. And I can no longer plunge my hands into boiling water for long periods of time to wash dishes. Not young anymore, I guess. Not that I ever was.

Mostly I feel ancient. I have for so long it’s become habitual. Everyone looks so damn young to me.

Anyway, there’s a million errands to run and things to do, and I guess getting a serious chunk of revision on Desires, Known–the genie story–is the millionth-and-one. Time to get out the sledgehammer and make with some internal repair.

Over and out.

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Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti

If it’s any consolation, I can assure you that *I* would not look young to you. 🙂


Wondering as I always do, if there will be any more Watcher series books. I have always enjoyed the series. It seems a shame to neglect it, no matter that current books are interesting. We’ve been left with a Watcher/Lightbringer baby, a new set of bad guys, a Demon Librarian Phoenicis, and a psychic vampire who was catatonic in a Guardian City. Santiago City is a very interesting place, too interesting to be abandoned, I think.

Hope Russian radio is interesting.