Agility Saves

gambit2 I’m rolling really high on agility saves today. It may have something to do with the monstrous cup of coffee I’m nursing. I got out the Chemex this morning, because rolling out of bed was…well, let’s just say I may have to poison myself with caffeine a la Balzac (however apocryphal) in order to get anything done today at all.

At least I’ve managed to get some piano practice in. Running through a few minuets right after breakfast seems to clear some cobwebs, but I suspect it will take a week or two before I see real progress in my evening practices as well. I just keep plugging away at the instruction book, and the First Lessons in Bach book. I’m on #8 in the latter, and this is the year I think I’ll finish it. My goal, of course, is to be able to stagger through the Goldberg Variations by the time I’m fifty. I have a decade to do that, and I think it’ll be a close race. My ability to keep making incremental progress through sheer dogged stubbornness is not my most winning feature, but it’s certainly useful.

Miss B’s leg is healing up just fine. She’s able to go on Odd Trundles’s daily constitutionals (half a block to the top of the street, maybe a few steps more, and back) and is a complete and total bossy little menace during them. Which makes Odd a menace too, since he just wants to trundle but she keeps Getting In His Way, not to mention Bossing Him Thoroughly and Barking At Cars. Odd keeps looking at me like do you really have to bring her too, Mum? And I keep grimly holding the leash and repeating, she will get better soon, this is just a phase, please God it’s just a phase.

That’s about it, except for the mounting frustration of waiting for other people to make decisions so I can move on. I’m getting to the point of not caring what goddamn decision an editor makes as long as they make it in a timely fashion. Of course, I’m in the wrong business for timely decisions, since everyone on salary with a publisher goes on vacation/to conventions multiple months a year–I am additionally, I suspect, in the wrong specialization for my field–and you can imagine what that does to my stomach lining.

So today will be spent pursuing people until I get the answers I need, or a deadline for the answers I need. And by the time I finish my daily writing work, I will be set to…work all through the Memorial Day weekend. Then I’ll need a day or two to recover from the weekend, but I won’t get it…

…yeah, it’s a good thing I’m rolling 20s on trip-saves. The amount of ass-kicking I’m doing requires a lot of agility. Time to get out my small objects, charge them with kinetic energy, and grin like the charming bitch I am.

Over and out.