King Trundles

Surveying His Domain
Surveying His Domain

The Princess snapped this shot of Trundles chillin’ halfway down the deck stairs. Proud and rugged, and sitting sidesaddle (he says it proves he’s a Lady of Quality, and cannot understand why Miss B snickers every time) as he watches me weed a bit of the auld sod. This was after his Afternoon Constitutional and before the rains rolled in; it was a little too warm for Odd’s taste but he wasn’t about to go inside if I wasn’t. Goodness knows I might do something interesting, like suddenly produce some food. Or I might need protection from an ankle-biting zombie.

This dog, you guys. This dog.

4 thoughts on “King Trundles”

  1. Love the Trundles pics. LOVE. They bring joy and happiness into the world. (It is also nice to know that SOMEONE is protecting the wordsmith from the dangers that are ankle-biting zombies.)

  2. I Love your Odd TrundIes pictures and stories. Thank you for sharing. When I was little, I had a dachshund called Hans Brinker who sat sidesaddle like that but with his back feet on one step and his front feet two steps below.
    Best wishes. Pat

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