Hey, you. You with the eyes and the literacy. Wanna read something awesome?

My writing partner, Mel Sterling, has a book on preorder, and I am BESIDE MYSELF WITH GLEE. Here, have a look.

Loyalty. Desperation. Grief.

Eight months ago a mysterious drug killed Tess Gordon’s brother, and now it’s spreading through her rehab counseling clients. They all claim they’re not addicted, the drug leaves no trace except its drained victims, and the cops aren’t interested. Aching with loss, Tess vows to find the source. What she finds instead is Thomas.

Slavery. Duty. Enchantment.

Thomas, the half-fae guardian of the goblin market, has plenty of problems—and just got another one. Pressed into the service of the Unseelie Queen, all he wants is his freedom. But Tess won’t go away, and the human girl is in way over her head.

One perilous late-autumn night, the fae and human worlds collide. Tess’s and Thomas’s separate tasks are inextricably tangled. Now, a half-fae and a human rehab counselor must walk the knife-edge of obligation, love, death and transformation–with the entire Unseelie Court, including the malevolent Wild Hunt, out for their blood.

Welcome to Portland, After Dark…

Mel has the first chapter up at her website, if you want to go take a peek. I suggest you go forth, my dark legions of woe and destruction, and see if it tickles your readerly fancy.

*vanishes in a puff of parchment-scented smoke, cackling*