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Boo and Hooray

give_a_damn_icon I survived the holidays with only a few days’ worth of crushing black depression and nauseating anxiety! I can now get out of bed and do not have to force myself to shower or eat. Hooray!

I found out someone had taken the Patreon bits of Steelflower 2 and put them up for torrenting. (This is why we can’t have nice things, people.) Yes, I know who it was. No, I’m not telling. Yes, I am reconsidering writing the damn book. BOO.

I did, however, get a payout from Patreon today. Hooray?

It does not soothe the sting of someone else stealing my work, especially since that’s what killed the first Steelflower. Boo.

The kids are back in school today. I have the house to myself. Hooray!

I miss them. It’s too quiet in here. Boo.

I can go for a run now that everything is thawing! Hooray!

There are still icy patches and Miss B will no doubt try to kill me. Boo.

…I could go on, but you get the idea. Every silver lining has a cloud today. I’ll be in the corner catching up on revisions and muttering to myself, thanks.

Over and out.

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a pox upon the thief.

Cheryl Byers

Who ever the thief is should be drawn and quartered. Or at least have all internet rights revoked. Boo


Wow, that’s really low of of someone to do that. I hope karma bites him/her in the ass.


I’m so sad about this. Please, PLEASE keep writing Steelflower 2. I’ve been waiting for Steelflower for years. I’ll buy the book.