med12 Twice. That’s how many times I fell yesterday, slipping on the slick floor in the garage. Water had run off the car after I took the Prince to school, and I was (as usual) moving too quickly for my own good. As a result, I ache all over, and my long run will not be happening today. I can feel the bruise deep down in my right hip beginning to work for the surface. Plus, it would be more like swimming than running–the rain goes on, and we’re looking at more flooding. I could run on the treadmill, but I think today it will be lots of deep breathing and stretching. Part of being a runner is knowing when not to push one’s body past bearing.

Curtains of water fell yesterday. There was so much rain the trunks of the large fir trees ran with rivulets, which is not at all common. Normally, the crown and other branches soak everything up, and we stay relatively dry underneath. There were even dollops of foam where the water was bubbling.


The picture is blurry because it was pouring. I didn’t want to drown my phone, so I had to stand back in shelter and zoom to snap a shot. Hopefully you get the idea; the little white spot is foam from the water running down the trunk.

Time to go do some stretching, then poke at my self-pubbed distribution channels. BIG FUN. After that, it’s revision time. If I can get a quarter of the damn book revised today I will consider it a great and wonderful achievement.