Rain Chicken

Rain bokeh So. Much. Rain. We’ve had almost an inch already, and the roads are more like rivers than anything else. Although I did see a wet chicken running across the road while driving this morning, all puffed up and moving startlingly quickly.

It’s going to be one of those Mondays.

Flood advisory and wind advisory, and even the tall firs are wet all the way down their trunks. The moss is having a fine time of it. The dogs, of course, are slightly less enthused. Trundles in particular gives me a look of pure long-suffering when he has to go out into the wet. You’d think he forgets what rain looks like, he seems so surprised and indignant every time. His can’t-get-my-paws-wet prance is also a sight to behold.

All this adds up to the fact that I’m going to run on the treadmill instead of outside, and Miss B is extremely displeased that she won’t get to stick her nose in all sorts of things out in the great wild. At the same time, she is miserable every time I take her outside to do her doggy business, so maybe it balances out. As long as she’s allowed in the garage while I sweat and snort on the treadmill, she’ll probably be content, but without a run to wear her out, she’s likely to have lots of energy to get into mischief with.

*considers all the above*

Maybe I should take her outside, and get us both soaked to the bone, just to bleed off her troublemaking capacity.

In any case, there’s a run to be had, writing to accomplish, laundry to do, and more swimming chickens to keep watch for. If the one I saw earlier had been a bit slower, I would have stopped to see if I could catch it, and return it to its owner. As it is, someone’s probably missing a feathered friend today, for which I am very sorry.

Now it’s time to figure out how this conversation in a Skaialan inn ends. Probably badly, since everything else is going badly for Kaia right now. She keeps thinking maybe she shouldn’t have left Antai. Just like I keep thinking maybe I shouldn’t leave the house until things dry out a bit.

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