New Beware

Let's see who eats this one.
Let’s see who eats this one.

My old office “welcome” mat had a skull and crossbones, and shouted BEWARE. It lasted a long while, but was looking seriously ragged, helped along by the fact that there is very little Odd Trundles loves to chew more than things I might eventually step on.

So I found a new coir mat, and the first time Odd went to slaver upon it, he gave me a look of such baffled indignation I couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently he doesn’t like the toothbrush feel.

Now the problem is Miss B has decided the mat is a perfect dog bed. Since it’s right in the door, she can keep an eye down the hall on the rest of the house. I also cannot leave my office without stepping over her, and that’s the way she likes it. Why, if I were to remain unescorted for even a moment, something might happen.

Further bulletins as events warrant…