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Holiday Blues


When will I stop posting pictures of Odd Trundles to cheer myself up?


The holiday blues have hit bigtime. The cure? Schnorgling with this handsome prince. Somehow, when I’m rolling on the floor with him and a bossy Aussie, or when they’re asleep resting against me, even Yule stress can’t get to me.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Blues

  1. And you should never have to stop posting these (or feel the need to apologize ). I mean, c’mon — THAT FACE.

    If you want to feel bad, you could feel a small twinge of guilt for the fact that you are flaunting your handsome prince before the rest of us poor slobs who are Odd Trundle-less.

    But then, you do share the pics, so we get some joy, too.

    Ok, it all evens out. 😉

    But only if you keep posting pics.

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