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Happy Yule

EXPECTOPATRONUMsmall This is the Longest Night, and we hold vigil for the birth of the Year King. It is the night the Lady renews her promise–for at least the next few billions years, until the sun explodes.

But who’s counting?

There will be sugar cookies today, round and golden like the returning sun, and a candle will hold vigil for me because let’s fact it, I’m almost 40 and need some sleep unless the Lady wants me to snap and stab someone tomorrow. (This is partly why I like paganism so much: my gods are practical.)

The Little Prince is still hacking out his cold, I sound like something in my throat is about to break, there’s a windstorm due, and both dogs are tetchy due to lack of exercise. The Princess is better than yesterday, still fighting off the cold brought home for the holidays.

So, my dears, have a very merry Yule. May you be warm, and safe, and surrounded by care. I’m going to go see if I can tire the dogs out, and maybe take a nap. A nap sounds good.

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