Going Dark

It’s time for me to take a little holiday from blogging. Everyone is busy this stressful time of year. I did have a couple of other posts planned, but said busy-ness and stressed means I don’t have the spoons, so to speak.

The Yule candles will keep the place warm; I’ll see you, my dear Readers, after Christmas. I’ll check in on Twitter occasionally, but no guarantees. If you’re of a mind to help me out this season, you could leave a review on one of my books at your retailer of choice. (Those really do help authors, believe me.)


See you soon!

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Michael Mock
Michael Mock

I fully support this plan. Take care of yourself, get your rest wherever you can find it, and focus on the stuff that’s important. I hope you and yours are having a lovely set of holidays, with as much R&R and as little stress and drama as possible. (I’ve reached a point in my life where I care nothing at all about receiving presents, but would seriously consider a five-year-lease on my soul in exchange for a good night’s sleep.)