AGemini That’s right, everyone, Agent Gemini is now in the wild! If you liked Cal and Trinity from Agent Zero, now’s the chance to find out what happened to them.

As a virus-enhanced assassin for a secret agency, Cal didn’t mind being the bad guy. Now that he’s a free agent, he still doesn’t, and he has only one mission: to find and protect the woman who calls herself Trinity. He’ll risk anything to keep her out of the agency’s deadly hands. Unfortunately, she thinks he’s going to kill her…

Re-engineered with a computerlike brain and quick healing, Trinity has no memory of her life before the agency. She’s desperate to uncover her previous identity before the mutating viral load kills her–and before Cal can find her. He’s got every reason to hate her–and once he finds out Trinity’s last secret, he probably will.

On the run and out of time, two agents built for infiltrate and destroy are faced with the hardest mission of all: learning to trust.

Now available at Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Amazon, and your favorite indie store.

I loved writing Trinity; her practicality and ability to just not give a damn endeared her to me immensely. I hope you guys enjoy her as well. In the meantime, I’m going to be in the corner, shaking with release-day nerves. You’d think this would get easier, but each time, I’m nervous as a sack full of kittens.

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a sack full of kittens.

which are cute as the dickens, and of course, have needle sharp teeth and claws….