Wanting To Be Wrong

han solo shush It was an interesting weekend. I killed the microwave with a sweet potato. Actually, I haven’t plugged it back in to see if it’s still dead, so it might just turn out to be a Lesson instead of a full-on Life Experience. Plus there was picking up neighbors at the airport at midnight, but their flight was delayed, so they called in the middle of the night and said “go to bed, we’ll get a cab when we get back, God knows how long we’ll be here.” Poor fellows, they were exhausted.

Even the dogs are jumpy.

Reverberations from the Beirut and Paris attacks are still going on, too. The point that both attacks are a result of Bush Jr’s disastrous, nasty “get all the oil and make my daddy proud of me” foreign policy is not being made loudly enough. Instead, we have the Republican circus grandstanding about “we won’t accept refugees” and basically being huge douchewads, which is exactly what DAESH wants. (And yes, it’s DAESH, not ISIS or ISIL.) Plenty of asshats are playing right into DAESH’s hands by being xenophobic douchenozzles and attacking Muslims, refugees, or just plain anyone brown, too. Which just gives the DAESH asshats more propaganda. It’s unworthy of a citizen–or a human being–to do so.

I suppose I’m lucky, because my block lists are so robust (and I am such a Small Internet Fish) I didn’t see a lot of the swill. Many of my friends are not so lucky, and the swill is ongoing. It’s just awful.

It feels a lot like after 9/11, when the march to war began. I remember, in the week after, going to a coffee shop and seeing a scuffle outside as I approached. It was two wide-load good ol’ boys hassling a woman in a headscarf, for God’s sake. A couple bystanders–myself included–intervened, but that’s not the point. The point is, that particular asshattery shouldn’t have even started, but our society was not robust enough in its denunciation of such idiocy. The entitled misogynists and xenophobes of the world, as usual, were having open season on any isolated brown person they could find. It made me ashamed on behalf of my country, a feeling that intensified throughout the Iraq invasion. And, to be honest, long afterward. I regained a little pride when President Obama was elected, but drones and police brutality and ongoing occupations all over the world shame America daily.

At least Obama is giving short shrift to the self-strokings of the hawks and bigots. But a sad little voice in my head is saying the same thing it was saying after 9/11, the same thing that happens when I hear about “national pride” or “religion.”

They will kill each other in droves over this.

No matter how many voices are raised for tolerance, the guns are still hauled out by those whom violence profits. I hold out no particular hope for tolerance or even common sense prevailing here.

I have rarely wanted to be wrong so badly. We’ll see.

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Skyla Dawn Cameron
Skyla Dawn Cameron

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this here, but the only mosque in Peterborough (and likely in the area), which is the closest city to me, was deliberately set on fire. Over $80K in damage, and they’re fundraising for it: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/4144T7/sh/f5IDu8

I am so appalled at humans across the board right now, I’ve had to stay offline.


I killed the microwave with a sweet potato.

Root Veggies!

It never ceases to amaze me how humanity can find reasons to kill each other. If its not religion, its politics, or (fill in the blank). Or Iphones or sneakers. Where there are protests over a police involved shooting, but nothing about the 48 (or more so far this year) gang related murders in PDX. The triage of what gets news coverage over facts.