med12 Yesterday was full of people. Coffee, luncheon, errands–I didn’t get home until the kids were returning from school, and the dogs went wild with joy. Even then there were various things around the house to be sorted out and dealt with, and high-speed downloads from both the children and my email inbox.

As a result, dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup (a perennial favorite of the under-21 crowd here at the Chez) and around seven in the evening my eyelid was twitching and I definitely needed to go to bed. Even when I like people, they can drain me. (Or my sweet, sweet energy juices.) It’s part of why I dread phone calls so much, too. Text or email gives me a little breathing room.

It’s a good thing I know this about myself and can prep ahead of time. This is a gorgeous luxury, and one I never underestimate, one I am perpetually grateful for.

I feel a little pale today, though. I worked ahead on wordcount for both projects, so all is well and I’m looking forward to a day spent with hot tea and plenty of quiet. First, though, there’s meditation to relax into, and a short 5km run to get out of the way, once I’m sure my gingerbread-and-espresso breakfast won’t make a sudden reappearance from all the jolting. I have characters to get into trouble and an arrival in a snowbound Northern city to write.

All together now, ahhhhhh. Feel those precious energy juices trickling back into the well…