Zero Fallow

autumn falls... Gutters and storm drains choked with falling leaves and pine needles. Being able to exhale hard and see your breath when you take the dogs out before bed. Dogs shedding summer coats and growing out their winter ones. Pumpkins piled in front of the grocer’s, in defiance of the shortage.

Yes, after a September much warmer than it should have been, the season has turned all at once. And, true to form, my energy and productivity have spiked. The rain in this part of the world is a blessing for me; something about it makes my wordcount jump. I spend exactly the same amount of time in front of the keyboard, but autumn and winter are by far more productive. It was that way before the kids were in school, too, so I can’t attribute it to the solitude.

The second Steelflower book proceeds apace. I’m about to pick a new excerpt for my lovely Patreon folks, so if you’re interested in that, now’s a grand time to sign up. Today I need to finish writing a dinner and an assassination, and both are going to be fun. (After a fashion.) I should also unearth the third Gallow book and begin turning it into a reasonable first draft instead of a zero draft lying fallow. And there’s another book to write–I just figured out I need to start telling a certain story in a different place.

Fearless!Cat is yodeling up the stairs, wanting to come up but not daring since she knows Odd is about. Odd is snoring under the Cavy Castle, but should there be a prospect of food or excitement he will be up like a shot. There’s running to be done today, and a few chores leftover from the weekend.

*puts on goggles* Now, if you’ll just pull that lever, we’ll begin the launch sequence…