Misty Morning

Blue ice It’s a chill misty morning, and things are shifting and settling. Nights are chillier, I finally had to put a down comforter on my bed. The kids are settled into the school year. The year is drawing to a close, and the witch’s new year will begin at the end of this month. Already fallen leaves are crunching underfoot during some parts of my morning run. We haven’t seen the rains yet, but they’re coming.

I can taste them, right at the back of the throat where joy hits like a gulp of whiskey.

I finally realized what was wrong with Steelflower 2–I am wanting to explain too much, instead of lighting the fuse and beginning the burn. Also, Kaia is not a likable person sometimes, especially when she gets an idea and the bit between her teeth. She’s so used to knowing the ropes–after all, she’s spent years in Antai, Shainakh, the Free Cities, and other parts of the Lan’ai’s Rim–she’s almost forgotten what it is to be a stranger. There’s tension ahead as she finds out the Skaialan highlands are very, very different, and Kaia is not used to her honorable intentions making everything worse.

It’s a good thing I have extra time allotted for finishing this beast.

Then there’s the book I have to write next–the one filling up my head with vapor and danger. As long as I make wordcount on both in a day, I’m satisfied. The Muse, however, has other ideas. I just catch the balls, sometimes she decides not to throw them. It doesn’t help that stress makes me clumsy, either. So to speak. Meditation’s been helping, especially this NSFW one.

Time to head out for a run in the mist. I am feeling much calmer now–fall and winter are my most productive times, I’m just waiting for the rains to come in and put the seal on it. Better times are just around the corner–thick sweaters, running in the rain, rebozos and shawls wrapped tightly, soups and bread-baking.

I am almost, dare I say it, happy.

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soup, stews and chilis’…. filling the house up with scented steam.