brainsfirst Being possessed of a brain that tries to kill one in numerous ways makes things interesting. If it’s not the anxiety it’s the “sure, this is a good idea” and the resultant tripping/burning/squirrel attack. And if it’s not either, it’s the paralysis of being able to see multiple outcomes to any damn action. Or the dreams. Lots and lots of vivid dreams, in Technicolor, surround-sound, and smell-o-vision.

I know it’s just the regular clean-out-the-attic time, where the rains move in and my brain shifts to a different mode. I now have meds that make it possible for me to go back to sleep after hideous nightmares, instead of staying up for days afterward as an adrenaline-soaked dishrag. The rainy season is my most productive time. Perhaps it’s the mold creeping into my brain-folds. And running in the rain is one of my favorite things. There’s very little as marvelous as coming home full of Zen from a long run in the rain, then showering and getting into dry clothes. The luxury feels sinful every damn time.

So all I have to do while running today is figure out how a particular death occurs (now or later in the book) and get everyone up into the harpy-laden Pass. Then I shift to the other book, and get through a slow recovery montage. (Sometimes I wish you guys could see the movie in my head. It’s fantastic. When it’s not terrifying.) If I get enough wordcount today I can do revisions tomorrow.

Oh, Muse of Writing, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our revision…

So. I have strapped the brain to the mill wheel and set it to turning. Like Miss B, it’s glad to be given a job. Now, if I can just keep its shoulder to the wheel…

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Colleen Champagne
Colleen Champagne

I have recently had my first smell o-vision dream. It was the loudest, stinkiest dream I ever had. I forced myself to wake up because I couldn’t stand the noise! I hope it’s not a symptom of Lili-brain!


When my backpack of stress becomes so full that the zipper refuses to close, the techno-color nightmares rear up and I become a woman who cannot sleep without the bathroom light on, which is dreadful since I so love the dark any other time. This can last for days. The absolute worst is when all of my senses get fired up in the midst of these hells-spawned visions of what-ifs and what-may-bes. I am heartened to hear that you have found a way past such as these.