Odd Trundles would like to remind you that he does important work daily. Sometimes he holds down the carpet, because one must always be alert for the danger in flat surfaces. Other times, he checks my bed for long-term booby traps. (He notes modestly that he is very good at this.) He also works very hard at taste-testing all sorts of things–food, chair legs, feet, rubbish bins–just to make certain they are fresh and functioning as they should be.

All good and important work requires one to be at one’s peak. Therefore, Odd Trundles would also like to remind you that naps are good for you, and in order to help, he is beaming sleepy puppy vibes out of this picture. Can you feel them? Concentrate, and your eyelids will grow heavier, heavier…

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In honor of Odd Trundles and his deep commitment to Truly Important Work, I shall be sure to take a nap. (And yes, I can feel the vibes . . . .zzzzzz.)